Monday, May 13, 2013

JV Goodbyes

I don't ever really like Saturday evenings at our JV spring conferences.

Why, you ask?

That's the night we say goodbyes to people I love.

And this year was especially hard since we said goodbye to three of our JV Kids: to our Claire, to her best friend Hayley Ellenwood, and to Jacob Hash, who we've known since the day he was born in Poland!

It was an evening filled with plenty of laughter, but with tears too. Sweet ones. But nonetheless, tears. How we'll miss them!

You already know that Claire is headed to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. God led Hayley to Chicago as well, and she'll be out in the Wheaton area studying culinary arts at a college there. So glad she and Claire will not be too far from each other!

Jacob is headed to John Brown University in Arkansas where he will be studying media and communications, something he's really gifted in! We're excited for all three of these dear kids that we've walked through most of their lives with, and for what God has ahead for them.

We had four more goodbyes that night as well. Sigh.

Lauree Austin left for Portland in January, but was able to come back for her official goodbye with us. We're so glad she did, though having her back reminded us how much we miss her.

That's a good thing. I think. Love you Lauree!!

Alice Robbins has faithfully served in Poland for seven years, discipling and giving her heart to young people like crazy! She's headed back to Denver this summer.

Mike Sullivan served in Slovakia, and on our Bteam, for ten years altogether. He's made an invaluable investment in the lives of Slovaks. We'll miss him a lot.

Nick Fletcher served wholeheartedly in Latvia for six years, and will be deeply missed there.

We're all much richer because of these dear ones that we've had the privilege of sharing life with.

It's just hard to say goodbye.

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  1. Thank you Connie for your Blog I love reading it and seeing what God has done for all of you! Thank you for loving this family so much!