Friday, November 29, 2013

Chicago Thanksgiving

My heart is brimming over with thankfulness today. What a special day celebrating Thanksgiving in Chicago with our kids.

Tyler and Lara arrived this morning, bearing the traditional laundry basket full of things to make the meal possible.

The tradition of the basket is mine at home in Czech, where I bring one, if not two, baskets full of things to Malenovice each year for our JV Thanksgiving. I'm glad the laundry basket made a showing this year too!

When I was a little girl, it was my Grandpa France who prepared the turkey and stuffing each year. I'm proud to say I carried on his tradition this year!

 Having help from these three lovelies made the meal prep easy and so much fun.

Traditions are awesome, but finding a new way of doing something is great too! See HERE for a new and super easy way to peel potatoes with your bare hands...and it really works.

Does anyone else feel a sense of triumph when taking a turkey out of the oven? Not being a turkey "pro" (aka: not much experience at it), I definitely felt a sense of relief when I pulled it out and it looked great.

Sitting down to dinner with these six precious people was the highlight of the day! Thank you Lord for family.

 Caleb took on the job of carving the turkey today. I foresee this being a new Patty family tradition!

Speaking of traditions, here's one person I'm glad will be a tradition around our home for a long time now! Haley and Caleb are just six months away from their wedding!

And these adorable! I can hardly remember what it was ever like without Lara in our family!

Last, but not least, my dear Claire and wonderful Dave. So thankful for them!

As I type, everyone is bustling around behind me, getting ready to eat Claire's mini pumpkin pies to round out the day of God's goodness and blessings! I'd better go join them! :)

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day for the Patty family! I'm sure there will be great memories of the "Chicago Thanksgiving"!

  2. LOVE the pictures Con! I can't believe you already have them posted from your day. I'm so thankful to God for you, my dear friend. Love to you all today!!!