Friday, November 29, 2013

Chicago's Black Friday

Going out for Black Friday is a crazy adventure, especially when you've never experienced it before!

And doing it in downtown Chicago is even crazier! This just barely captures the crowds, chaos and craziness of this traditional American shopping event that takes place the day after Thanksgiving.

We mostly just people-watched, fought the crowds, and took pictures. It's not really a day for getting serious shopping done. WAY too many people.

But I sure liked the people I was with while we were out! :)

 We loved being outside where it was festive, and the sun was shining.

And it's always fun to stop in for a free piece of chocolate at Ghiradelli's. Maybe these two even bought a couple pieces to keep up their energy along the way.

We managed to keep track of each other the whole time, laughing, talking and enjoying the experience of being together.

 Aw fun to be there with my dear family!


  1. I thought about you a couple of times today and was happy that you were getting to experience this insane American tradition. You are so right about not getting serious shopping done on this day…but there are some deals to be had for sure. Too bad you're not in the NW where we get half price socks at Fred Meyer once a year on Black Friday! You would love hitting Freddies with me and mom (and your mom!). Fun to see the pictures. :o)

  2. That was crazy. I don't mind not being in the city today!