Sunday, November 24, 2013

Special Overnight

Friday night, on our way from New Hampshire to Chicago, we stopped for a very special overnight.

How many times have I sat at a table with Ken and Andrea Pitcher, and their children?! Far too many to ever count.

Not only did they begin Josiah Venture with us twenty years ago, but we also served together in Germany when we all were doing ministry with Malachi through Cadence International. So our friendships go back a long ways!

It was a very special evening sharing a meal and fellowship together once again.

Our families shared so much of life together, even our dogs! I remember when George, their Beagle, was a puppy and came home to their house. It was even fun getting to see him again. He's still a great dog!

They now live in Spencerport, NY, near Rochester. Their two oldest sons, Nicholas and Zachary, are already off to college, and Nathan, a senior, just put in his application for Moody next year - we hope we'll see him there next year when we're visiting our kids sometime!

Grace, their daughter, will then be the only one at home with her mom and dad. Where did the years go?!

 Standing on the porch of their lovely home, it was hard to say goodbye after such a short visit.

But I'm thankful we had even those few hours again to share our lives with each other.

As always, "Thank you Pitcher family for your amazing hospitality!"

Next time we'll come back when it's a bit warmer and we can sit on your porch for an afternoon!

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  1. Oh my goodness! what a sweet post and how nice to see you all together again. I can just imagine how animated that visit was!