Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Professor for a Week

It's just a photo from a cell phone, but it made my day.

Tyler wrote on Monday, while we were traveling back from Florida, to say that he was going to fill in for one of his profs at Moody, and teach all his classes this week.

I knew that Caleb was in one of those classes, a class on Psalms.

So I sent a quick text to him, asking if he'd take a photo for me. He did. Thanks Caleb!

Tyler graduates from Moody in December, and plans to resume studies at Trinity Seminary, near Chicago, in the fall. He'd love to be a professor someday - in the Czech Republic, he hopes. He loves to teach, not just information, but for transformation. That means so much to me!

Thankful for Tyler's heart for the Word of God. Praying for many more opportunities to teach it.

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