Saturday, November 9, 2013

Airport Run

Mahlon Sweet is the quiet little airport in Eugene, Oregon, the town where I grew up.

I love that it's so small that people talk casually with each other while waiting inside, you never wait longer than five minutes for bags, and, if you'd rather, you can just sit in your car at the curb with the engine running and wait for your passenger to come out.

Maybe there's a bustle sometimes, but usually when I've flown in or out, it's not much busier than this.

Though I just arrived yesterday, my mom, dad and I made a trip there this evening because somebody was flying in that needed to be picked up.

While my dad waited out front with the engine running, my mom and I waited inside.

For whom?!!

 Our Claire!

After a funny series of text messages back in September (see Claire's blog post for her post about it today), we decided to make it happen, and here she is two months later!

We should be in bed right now since we've got a big day planned tomorrow, but it's just too much fun to stay up to talk and blog!

So glad she gets to be here with my mom and dad, and with me too!

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