Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rhythm of the Ocean

Although the leaves are gone now, it's still incredibly beautiful here in New Hampshire.

We leave tomorrow to head back to Chicago where we'll spend the next part of our sabbatical.

Through the graciousness of our dear friends (thank you dear Bob and Sherry!!!) we've had the privilege of being here to work on our writing projects these past six weeks. Both of us are making steady progress and are excited about the words the Lord has given us.

It's helped so much to have beautiful places to walk and be inspired by. I'll miss this short jaunt down to the coastline where I went so often during these weeks.

 Sitting on that bench, taking in the view was breathtaking, no matter what the weather.

Wish I could sweep my bangs off to the side in that photo, but no Photoshop will take care of that!!

The rhythm of the ocean and beauty of fall in New England provided just the right environment for soaking in the constant reminder of God's presence with us, especially on days when we got stuck and didn't know how to move forward on our writing. Yet, He was always there, just as the gentle swell of the waves was each day.

We're excited to see our kids in Chicago, celebrate Thanksgiving with them, be at our home church, and meet up with friends in the coming weeks.

But we won't soon forget these precious days of meeting with God, following His lead to write, and attempting to be His voice in the books we're writing.


  1. So beautiful!! Glad you had that place to rest and write! See you soon!!!

  2. I agree with Claire...So Beautiful!

  3. Wow, I bet this feels like a long time ago now! Already!