Thursday, August 13, 2015

Catching Up

It's not my favorite way to blog, catching up on a week's worth of news.

But if I don't do it this way, I know myself...I'll fall even further behind and not want to blog! So here goes with a catch up of life from the past week.

Claire's time at home passed all too quickly. Before we knew it, she was in her last day at home until Christmas. So what to do on the last day? Head to the art supply store in Ostrava for painting supplies!

"Can't wait to see some new watercolor creations, Claire!"

And to the mall for a little last shopping. And coffee, of course.

On her last night at home, Dave and I had a wedding to be at up at Malenovice. While she packed, we dressed up and headed there.

One of our dear Czech friends who works with the Exit Tour ministry, Jéňa, married his beautiful bride, Renee, in a lovely outdoor ceremony. Dave happily officiated the wedding for this wonderful couple.

Back at home in the evening, we finished up our packing for Croatia, slept a few hours (it wouldn't be vacation time if we weren't up late the night before, right?) and then headed to church in the morning.

After a last goodbye for Claire with a dear friend who's getting married between now and when she returns home, we packed ourselves into the car for a long ride.

And headed south for vacation on our beloved Hvar!

And now I'm all caught up and can start blogging again!

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  1. Great to hear from you and looking forward for all Croatia posts!!!