Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Together Again

These past few days have been many years in the making, and a fulfillment of a dream: having breakfast together around the table at our Croatia house with these dear friends after a four year pause from spending vacations together!

While we only have one out of our seven kids here (we miss the rest of you and your spouses!), it's been such a joy and privilege to be together sharing life and vacation with each other again.

We sat around for hours last night while having dinner on the terrace, laughing, sharing old stories, and just enjoying the sweetness of the years of investment that have gone into our friendships. Who would've ever imagined where we'd be 12 years later after we first began our summer adventures with each other?

I was too busy enjoying the moment to take many photos last night, but I'm glad I captured just a fraction of it to remember these moments by. I know there will be many more hours of life shared here at the house in years to come. But this was our first evening together, the fulfillment of our dream.

"Thank you Lord for creating us to need each other, and experience more of You through one another."


  1. What a special thing. I am so glad you got to have this time. Thanks for sharing, Auntie Connie! I bet you missed Claire:)

  2. Gahh, painfully wonderful! :)