Friday, August 7, 2015

Pure in Heart

This may look ordinary. But it is kindness and love in flesh.

Over the years I've written often about our neighbors, people who would be seen as "less than" by the world. Yet as redeemed ones, are extraordinary. Not because of anything they do, but because of the kindness and love that radiates out from them.

Simple people who don't have much, they offer what they have. And one of those gifts is their prayers and delight in Claire.

Many years ago this woman and her brother, neighbors who live on the same lane as we do, began praying daily for Claire. Every other day or so when the sister visits me throughout the year, she asks about Claire and tells me they're still praying and asks how long it will be before she comes back.

She waits months for her to come home, anticipating the time when she can come see her and chat, as she did this morning and has done many days since Claire arrived home!

We've often remarked that what used to seem like a bother in the early days, has become a sweetness in our lives. They ask for nothing, and give generously. Not as the world gives, but a treasure of even greater worth than money or possession.

They give of themselves in prayer and delight in our family, particularly in Claire.

I think these two people are storing up great treasure in heaven, and are an embodiment of what Jesus meant when he said, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God."

I believe they will see him one day, and that they are indeed blessed people for their pureness of heart.