Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Ship is In

"When my ship comes in..." usually means you hope your "riches" arrive soon.

Well, that saying is true if riches mean... people! Look who arrived last night on the "ship".

Despite Caleb being really sick during their last days in Bulgaria, and while traveling to see us, he and Haley arrived safe and sound last night on the catamaran into Hvar.

Who is the creepy woman photo bombing our family?!!

Because there is no parking down at the harbor, we took a stroll on the "riva" to get back to where our car was parked. But in the warm summer night's air, it was delightful walking alongside my "riches", starting to get caught up with each other.

This morning dawned dark and stormy. Quite a contrast to the past days of 95+ degrees and high humidity.

But perfect weather for sitting on the porch listening to stories of the summer from Caleb and Haley!

While the storm intensified, and rain poured onto the parched ground (we're glad for it as it's much needed here), we tucked ourselves away and enjoyed some precious family time together.

When you're connected to the people you love, you can endure the storms of life. At least that's how we felt today here on Hvar.

Now if it would just be sunny for my birthday tomorrow! :)

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  1. I can't stop to watching those pictures! This house is simply fantastic and the view is breathtaking!!!! Happy Birthday my dear sister!!! Love you....