Thursday, August 20, 2015


Our love for and adventures on the island of Hvar started in this place.

Or to be more precise, here, in this campground.

Finding a spot back in 2008 was the beginning of a great fondness in our heart for this place. With our friends, we'd camp together for two weeks, living, cooking and loving the outdoors. Oh there are so many fond memories in that place!

To end Caleb and Haley's time on Hvar, we went back to spend the afternoon there.

In those camping days our kids and their friends spent countless hours out on these rocks, diving, jumping and swimming on hot afternoons.

Caleb, taking the plunge!

The view is mesmerizing and you really can sit out there all day!

We didn't have all day, but what time we had, we took advantage of!

I remember Caleb as a boy out on those rocks, having a great time with his buddies, Noah and Jacob.

Seven years later, he's here with his WIFE!! That's just pretty awesome!

While Dave, Caleb, Haley and Claire swam, I photographed and videoed everyone. And loved every minute of it!

Several hours and dozens of jumps later, it was, sadly, time to move on.

None of them wanted it to end, that's for sure!

But with one last destination to hit before wrapping up their time here, we headed up from the beach.

Another favorite activity of kids and adults alike, happens here in Svete Nedjelja. We always took photos here.

And did this!

No, it's not MY favorite thing to do. But you know, adventure is a necessary part of life so I always go along with it. Taking pictures. Not jumping! I'm so glad Caleb got to enjoy with Haley, some of these special places that hold such dear memories for him!

One last cup of coffee and then it was time to put their bags in the car and head into Hvar town.

Because they have a flight early in the morning, they're taking the catamaran over to Split and spending the night near the airport. So our goodbye happened at the waterfront in town.

I handed the camera to someone while we were in line, wanting one last family picture. I got it.

Sort of.

Oh how I laughed and laughed when I uploaded this photo and saw all the extra people photo-bombing our last family shot before putting them on the boat!! Now THAT is a good photo bomb!

After quick hugs, it was time for them to board and for us to wave goodbye.

My heart is always tender at those goodbyes. It wouldn't be right for them to stay, and it's hard to watch them go. Ever the paradox of being a parent and letting your kids go. You love having them "home" and it's always right for them to leave. Sigh.

Thankfully we'll see them again this fall when we're in Chicago. So this goodbye isn't for too long.

And after such a sweet visit with them, I have nothing but gratefulness in my heart to the Lord for giving us these days of the best kind of family connection!

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  1. When I saw the pic on FB of the photo bombing I only noticed the guys on the right, reading your whole post I just noticed the couple between Claire and Haley. Hysterical.