Monday, August 31, 2015

Finished Product

A few weeks ago friends went with Claire and I to Boleslawiec, Poland, visiting the Polish pottery factory and painting some of our own.

The finished products were mailed to a friend who lives in Poland (just so you know, they don't ship internationally) and she recently delivered it to me. Take a look at how they turned out!

For a first attempt at painting, I'm so pleased with our creations!

Now all I need are big plates and bowls to match. Dinner party anyone?!

The day we painted, the mugs looked much bigger than regular ones in my cupboard at home. Honestly, until they were delivered I was sure they were different sizes.

But nope! Just a little bit differently shaped mugs and handles.

And a little bit better quality on the painting job! Haha!

There are many highlights to the summer, but getting to paint Polish pottery was definitely one at the top. And it's something I'd be willing to take anyone to do if you're in my part of the world! :)


  1. That was too fun! What a memorable little trip that was, in all ways. Thank you for making that happen. So thankful for sweet relationships all around!

  2. Oh, I am so there! I adore Polish Pottery. Joyce sent me some for my 50th last year. And Mom send me a little pitcher once. I'm up to 3 pieces.