Monday, August 17, 2015

Being Celebrated on Hvar

After a stormy, rainy day yesterday, and some extremely hot weather earlier, today dawned absolutely beautiful here on Hvar.

Just in time for my birthday. Thank you Lord! That means something to me.

My dear friend arranged for a massage right here at the house to start the day off. I felt totally spoiled. Thank you Amy!

After a happy talk with Tyler and Lara in the States, lunch on the terrace felt special too, being with my sweet family.

Some gifts appeared then, including these hand painted notes from Claire of things I say which made me laugh!

And treasured gifts that came out of a package mailed from the States (that arrived the day before we left home!) from my long time best friend and her dear parents. What is sweeter than handmade books and cards that express love from people who know and love me well?!

"You totally made my day Michelle and my dear "AG's!!"
A drive into Hvar town for the evening capped off the day.

This is the fifth birthday that I've spent in a place that I love and cherish!

"Michelle, notice the earrings from Sisters! And AG's, the bracelet is from you, bought in Hvar!!"

For all the times we've been in this town, we still found a few little streets we'd never been on before!

But there's nothing quite like being out on the riva, the harbor front in Hvar.

The culmination of the evening was dinner at a special restaurant in Hvar, thanks to my mom and dad's gift for my birthday!

I've heard about this restaurant for years, and we've walked by it dozens of times on the riva. It's the restaurant all the famous people go to who visit the island.

"Thank you Mom and Dad for celebrating me and making it possible for us to go there!"

After a fantastic dinner - seriously one of the best I've ever had - I saw the waiter come out with a spectacularly displayed dessert platter. From afar, I exclaimed to the family, "How cool is that?" And all of a sudden, he set it in front of ME!!! What an incredible surprise!

I grabbed the camera and snapped that picture, then Dave grabbed it and snapped it of me...all in about fifteen seconds while the little sparkler made its spectacular display!

And then we dug into a most unusual and delicious dessert, compliments of the restaurant. I'm a fan of "Gariful"!!

From our seats, we watched as the sun set off the edge of the pier, bringing to a close another birthday. I feel so thankful for the life God has given to me, and for all those in my life who love me well.

Thank you dear ones for your gifts, words, and acts of love today!!


  1. I'm so, so happy that I got to be a part of celebrating YOU yesterday even while half way around the world from where you are. What a treasure you are to me and all who know you. Looks like your birthday was perfect in every way! Love you so much :o)

  2. Happy (belated) birthday, Connie! I'm glad you are so well loved and celebrated.