Monday, August 3, 2015

Girl's Road Trip

These two have been friends since 5th grade.

Lucy moved to our little town of Frydlant with her family eleven years ago when her dad came to teach at BMA (our kids' high school). She began attending the elementary school where Claire went, and from sixth through ninth grade, they were in the same classroom every day, growing up together in the very sweetest way.

Lucy's mom, Sharon, became a very dear friend of mine as well and all four of us have enjoyed traveling through life together ever since.

These days, both Claire and Lucy go to college in the Chicago area: Claire at Moody, Lucy at Wheaton. Though not so far in distance, they don't see each other nearly as often as they'd like. So that's why when the girls are home from college, they always get together.

Claire and I picked up Sharon and Lucy this morning for a girl's overnight trip to Poland so that the four of us would get time together too. Though stuck in a construction traffic jam in 100 degree weather for an hour, we eventually made our way here.

To the Garden Hotel in Boleslawiec, Poland. An eclectic, darling, quaint hotel not far from the center is our stop for the night.

While we always have lots of deep, meaningful conversation, one of the most delightful things about the Till girls is how they bring out the humor and fun in us.

Like this!

After freshening up, we headed to the town square for dinner.

Though I've been to Boleslawiec many times, I've never been to the center of town and was unprepared for the charming square that met us there.

Around the entire square, beautiful shades of paint on lovely buildings make for an incredible backdrop for photos.

Especially on a warm summer evening.

It's so warm here that they have a "mister" set up in the square just for the fun of cooling off the residents and visitors. We all took turns walking through it several times!

After finding a restaurant on the square, we watched the sun go down on a beautiful ladies day spent together with our dear friends.

Claire and I love these Till women and count it a privilege to get two days together with them!


  1. it is great idea to make such a " babská jízda " !!! I love it....

  2. It makes me so happy to see the four of you together! Have fun!

  3. I love seeing you all happy, laughing, and enjoying the beauty of a long-term, invested friendship! Such lovely pictures too. :o)