Friday, August 21, 2015

Hiking With Dad

 Oh these two! How I love them!

Today is Claire's last day with us in Hvar so she's been doing all her "lasts", which includes some time with her dad. And what did she choose for their time together? A hike up the mountain behind the house to watch the sunset!

Do you see the cross way up there on the mountain?

That's their destination this evening.

Kaylee and I walked a little ways with them, but since it's their special time, we didn't go along. I've hiked it a couple of times but am quite content to stay behind!

But I love that these two have such good adventures together. And most of all, that they value time with each other.

With a wave goodbye at the turn-off, they headed up while I headed back home.

I know they'll have some really incredible views from up high. But this isn't too bad either!

In no time at all, they'll be up there!

PS. I was just finishing this blog post when I got a text from Claire. At the top!

Yes, it's a spectacular view up there tonight! So glad they got to go before she leaves in the morning.

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