Wednesday, August 26, 2015

For Uncle Mike

First day of school pictures were always a must when family lived far away and didn't get to see their grandkids, niece or nephews often. It was one of the ways I tried to keep family connected even though we lived across an ocean.

But it was especially my brother, "Uncle Mike" who seemed to enjoy these yearly photos. So when I got pictures of Claire and Caleb on their first day back at Moody (thank you Claire and Haley for sending them!), I knew I'd still have to post them here. This is for you UM!

Claire is a second semester junior at Moody now, thanks to the fact that our kids received a semester worth of general ed. credit from their Czech high school since they went a 13th year here as part of the public school system. She'll get one more "first day of school" next year, and then graduates December 2016 with a major in biblical studies and children's ministry.

For Caleb, this is it! This is his final "first day of school" picture after 19 years of school (counting 2 years of skolka/kindergarten!) as he will be graduating in December with a biblical studies and biblical exposition major.

Tyler is also starting a new school year for his master's degree, but it's probably right to draw the line somewhere at "first day of school" pictures!

Hope you enjoyed these pics Mike! :)


  1. Perfect first day of school pictures...they both look so happy!

  2. Haha. Yes! I could have expected this would appear here! :)

  3. So great. This is so funny. Also it reminds me of first-days with you and Claire and my mother. I have such dear memories from our traditional meal together after the first day finished. I remember how we would evaluate our new teachers and predict the year to come.

    Happy Fall, Auntie Connie!