Thursday, November 3, 2016

Beautiful Last Day

On our last full day in the States, it was a true delight to wake up to this view today.  Can you see Grand Teton way off to the right?

We stayed here three years ago while on our sabbatical, and both Dave and I finished our books here so it's a very sentimental place for us. I remember looking out at that view day after day while we were writing. It was very relieving to be here this time knowing my book is finally done and published!

This whole area of Jackson, Wyoming somehow touches a deep part of our souls.

Its beauty is one of our favorites of God's artistic creations!

And the history of this place, while not long or ancient, is still fascinating! Like this one room school house that was built in the late 1800's. It was Jackson's first ever school!

It survived intact until 1977, when a snowstorm sent the roof plunging in. It's still a really cool throwback to another way of life when it served as the school, place for town meetings, dance hall and church long ago!

And all that time, Grand Teton was off in the distance. I don't know if you can see it past the end of this road, but there it stands, as God created it so many years ago!

We finished off our time here with our dear friends and their children, enjoying a good round of bowling together!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we begin our trek back to the Czech Republic after having spent a month in the States. It will take us over 24 hours to get home this time. If you're reading this, pray with me for uneventful travel, and a smooth transition back to our lives and ministry there.

It's been an exceptionally wonderful time in the States and we've loved every bit of our time with people, all the opportunities we've had to share about Josiah Venture, and the fall beauty we've witnessed around the nation.

At the same time, we're looking forward to getting home, back to doing what we love and are called to there.

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  1. Love the private bowling ally!

    Have a great trip home and get ready for Mom and Dad.