Saturday, November 12, 2016

Still My Favorite

Dave and I woke up on the far western side of the Czech Republic yesterday morning.

We'd driven here on Thursday, to the small village of Mlázovy, to be part of a forum for Czech Christian businessmen who care about seeing God's work move forward in their country.

They not only wanted to talk about their vision for the country and projects they can be involved in, but be fed spiritually as well. Dave had the privilege of opening God's Word for them this time.

Speaking on the topic of God as our Father, a subject near to Dave's heart and what he wrote his book on (that will soon be published!), he led them through several sessions of exploring what it means to be close to your heavenly Father.

I have heard him teach this material at least a dozen times, not to mention have read his manuscript many times as well. But each time I go through it the Lord shows me something new about Himself and I end up closer to Him. I love that!

It is powerful teaching that has brought about transformation in my own life, and I've been praying it would in the lives of these dear people who just heard it, as well as all who will read his book.

When all is said and done, he's still my favorite teacher and I never get tired of sitting under him as he opens God's word!

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