Tuesday, November 1, 2016

50 Degree Drop

After wonderful meetings in Austin, Dave and I made it to the airport for our next flight on this sunny 85 degree day.

We had a great view of the city as we took off into the bright blue sky.

But within the space of just five hours and two flights, we landed in 35 degree weather.

And didn't have our coats with us!

This is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where it's already cold on the first day of November.

Thankfully our luggage made it and we've now got our coats.

We'll be here for the last few days of our month long trip in the States. And happily so! It's a crazy thing, but whenever we come to Jackson to see our friends, it feels a little bit like we've come home.

While I love sunshine and warmth, I guess I'm more at home layered up against the cold!

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