Friday, November 11, 2016

Judah's Big Day!

From the far western side of the Czech Republic, where Dave and I are at a conference this weekend, I'm thinking of this little guy.

Judah, our dear, sweet, precious and adorable little grandson is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!

He and his parents were with us in Czech just two months ago, and it was SO awesome to get to know him and live everyday life with him (and them!) for a few weeks.

At this stage of life Judah is engaging, inquisitive, happy, curious and determined. And did I mention happy?! :)

We don't get to be with him on this first birthday, but seeing how the Lord has led his daddy and mommy to come serve with JV in Czech, it looks like we could spend a lot of other birthdays with him in years to come!

That's a gift, blessing, delight and privilege.

"Judah, Papa and Nonnie love you like crazy! We send big hugs and kisses to you today! Tell your daddy and mommy to go find those presents stashed away in the closet so you get some birthday gifts from us on this very special day of yours! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"

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