Saturday, November 19, 2016

Traveling Day

For a morning that started at 3 AM, they look great don't they?!

We left Hvar on the ferry at 5:30 this morning, but of course were awake earlier to pack, close up the house and make the drive to the harbor.

By 11 AM, we'd already been up for a good part of the day and were ready for lunch. Imagine my joy at finding a brand new Burger King along the highway, where that fun picture of my mom and dad was taken. A Whopper never tasted so good! 😋

Though it was a stormy, rainy drive, it was thankfully uneventful. We drove into Czech at dusk, in time to see one of the views that tells me "You're almost home" (even though in reality it's still three hours from here!).

The Zámek in Mikulov

One more stop for a quick dinner at a mall brought home the reality that it's almost Christmas. Just five weeks and counting!

We're tucked in safely at home now, with the wind howling outside, but a fire keeping us warm inside.

It's always nice to be home, but especially when my mom and dad are here!

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