Tuesday, November 22, 2016

On the Tower in Herrnhut

By the time I woke to this sunrise in Herrnhut, Germany, our JV teammates, John and Honza, had already been outside for an hour, filming "B-roll" (supplemental footage) for the video we'd come here to shoot today.

They were also scoping out the best places for us to film the main sections of the video, looking for quiet spots where we wouldn't be interrupted.

But with a cold wind blowing, cars constantly on the move, and pedestrians making their way down even the smallest of streets, it was hard to find a spot outside to do our filming.

Thankfully, we'd arranged a tour of the church in Herrnhut the night before.

And found out that there was a one hour break in the day when we could be in there alone to film!

Groups of school children were practicing in the church all day for their upcoming Advent concert, but were going for a lunch break at 11:30.

With the clock on the countdown for an hour, we hurried in to set up and get going as soon as they left.

Those four ... Amy, Mel, John and Honza ...were incredible today, each in their own way. Mel directed the promo video, John and Honza took care of all the filming, and Amy served us in every imaginable way. I can't imagine having a better team to do this with!

This is the first video Dave and I have ever shot together. And let me tell you - it's hard to do! You want to be natural, winsome, compelling, and motivational. You don't want to sound inauthentic, salesman-like or preachy.

And when you've got exactly ONE HOUR to do it all in, you feel a little tiny bit of pressure. YIKES!

I really mean this ... thanks to the Lord, and our fantastic team, I think (hope, pray, anticipate!) that we got enough good footage today to put together the video we need.

After shooting inside the church, we headed out to get some additional shots, making our way up to the watch tower that overlooks Herrnhut, the town where the Moravians fled to after escaping persecution in Czech in the early 1700's.

It was in this town, in 1727, where spiritual revival broke out among the Moravians.

And that revival led to a movement of prayer that had a profound impact on the world then, and still does today.

From this place, missionaries were sent out all over the world to share the Gospel.

I believe my own spiritual roots stem back to this place, where faithful believers took the Word of God seriously, prayed without ceasing, and lived out their commitment to Christ in ways that are still being lived out today.

Perhaps I am here serving in this part of the world today because of those who prayed long ago!

As I stood on top of the watch-tower, a place where the Moravians came to pray during their unbroken hundred year prayer chain, I felt such a growing fire inside to carry on this absolutely essential aspect of the Christian life: to be in prayer for everything.

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."

In just a few days, I get to share how Josiah Venture is taking to heart this call to continuous prayer.

We hope that you, dear family and friends will "Join the Watch" with us, praying for and believing God for more than we could ask or imagine for the youth of central and eastern Europe.

I think you're going to love what's coming soon!

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  1. I love this! Can't wait to see the video. And I just realized that you guys are standing in the same spot where we have that photo Tyler took of us 4 (with Caleb jumping!). Memories!