Friday, June 23, 2017

Downtown Chicago

For the past eight years, downtown Chicago has been a "place" for us since our kids attended Moody Bible Institute, which is located there.

Prior to those years, I'd only been downtown a handful of times, so didn't feel very confident in this big, bustling city.

But, thanks to all those times we've been there to visit our kids (who now are all finished with school), I love downtown Chicago and enjoy every time I get to be there!

Claire and I headed there this morning, while Dave was in JV board meetings, to meet up with some very dear friends of ours for the week-end!

Ginger, seated next to Claire, and her mom, Polly, are friends of ours from Jackson, Wyoming whom we dearly love!

Getting to spend a whole week-end with them here is pure delight!

As you can see, we never lack for fun and laughter when we're together!

After his board meeting, Dave took a train into the city to join us for dinner, and for a very special event.

We absolutely LOVED seeing the Broadway production of "The King and I"!! Magical, heartwarming, gorgeous, fun, beautiful and name a few of the adjectives that aptly described it! I've always loved musicals, ever since being involved in them in high school. But I haven't seen many since those years, so this was an absolute treat to get to go!

After the show, we walked all the way back to our hotel through the city, taking in the skyline and all its beauty.

This will surely be a night we'll all remember for a long time!

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