Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Living Normal Life

The last time Claire and I lived normal life together (by that I mean seeing each other every day) was when she lived at home with us in Czech.

But of course for the past four years she's been in Chicago going to college at Moody Bible Institute, and working during the summers. So our "normal life" became seeing each other when we came to the States for various meetings and events, or during Christmases when she came home.

Now for this season of life, post graduation, her "normal" is living in the suburbs of Chicago while raising support to serve with Josiah Venture. And because I'm here with Dave for some of those meetings and events that we regularly come for, I'm getting a taste of that "normal life" with her!

In between both of our schedules, we've had the joy of meeting up every day, even if it's just been for an hour!

We've been to her favorite coffee spot, I took her to my favorite breakfast place, she's made me dinner, and I helped her move (our church family here is caring for her by providing new homes to live in every two months). And we've talked!

One of these days she'll be on the other side of the ocean with us, serving in ministry with us to the JV Kids. That will be very special and a new normal.

But for right now, it's meaningful to share this "normal"!

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  1. I love you mom! Can't wait to be serving alongside each other in JV soon! ;)