Thursday, June 15, 2017

Heading Out Again

Lysá hora, the mountain my blog is named after!

It's the tall peak in the middle, with what looks like a tiny dot on top. In reality, that's a HUGE communications tower! But from a distance, the size is sure not evident as the whole range sits there looking so majestic against the blue sky and white clouds.

June can be one of the prettiest times of year, making late afternoon walks purely delightful in our neighborhood.

I took our little doggie for one last walk before taking her to our friend and "Kaylee sitter". We're leaving today for Krakow where we'll spend the night and leave on a 6 AM flight tomorrow morning for Chicago.

Someone asked me yesterday how I feel about leaving again so soon (since we only returned from there less than two weeks ago). And you know what? God's worked such a miracle of time these past 12 days, stretching it out to feel more like a month, maybe even two. I don't know how he does that. But I'm thankful. It's been so wonderful to be home for a few days.

Today I wrote a prayer request for the Prayer Room (have you been in there?? If you haven't, please try it out HERE!) so that people can be praying for us. Will you pray too?

Dave and I leave Czech on June 16th, to head to the States for two weeks. Dave has a JV executive leadership retreat and a JV board meeting next week, as well as preaching at our sending church in the Chicago area. We'll also be visiting some foundations and supporters to share updates on what God is doing through their investments. And last, we'll be visiting our son, daughter-in-law and grandson in Chattanooga to meet Asher, our newest grandson born on June 12th!

Pray we'll stay under the leading of our good Shepherd, and be attentive to all the assignments he has along the way for us of bringing joy, hope, love and peace to all we encounter. Thank you for lifting us up to the Lord!

Looking forward to all the Lord has for us in the coming weeks, including seeing these two little fellows!

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