Saturday, June 17, 2017

Time-Honored Tradition

What better way to get Father's Day week-end started than heading to an Auto Parts store?

But the greater significance of this is that it's the first time Dave has ever gotten to help his girl take care of her car.

Since our kids grew up in Czech, and didn't have their own cars there, Dave has never had that time-honored tradition of helping his kids out with car issues. But now that Claire has her own car here in the US as she's support raising, he got to step in and help her out today.

And teach her a few things, like how to check the oil!

And how to change her own air filter. This is one of his favorite ways to teach...not doing it for her, but guiding her in how to do it!

I don't know why, but this was one of my favorite moments of Dave helping Claire.

Checking out a small leak together
They were back and forth into the auto store, getting the necessary supplies, with dad completing another time honored tradition: paying for his daughter's car parts. 😊

And Claire completed her part of the deal, not only doing the work alongside her dad, but getting the time-honored smudge of dirt as well!

All tasks were completed successfully! Proud of these two for a job well done.

And one more time-honored tradition before moving on with our day!!

Your dad loves you so much Claire, even filling up your gas tank!

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