Friday, June 9, 2017

Good Job

Do you ever stop and tell yourself, "Good job"?

On days when I have to do things that are hard for me, for one reason or another, I remember someone telling me that when that happens to them, they stop, pat themselves over the shoulder and say, "GOOD JOB!"

That's what I did today.

It's not that a lot of things in yours or my life are impossible to's just that they sometimes take a little extra effort. Like going to get blood taken.

It's not that I haven't been to a place like this before! It's just that I was going to a new place to get it done.

I didn't know the technician, I wasn't sure where exactly to go, and I didn't know how payment would work since I was paying for it myself this time rather than letting Czech insurance take care of it (I haven't had Czech insurance for a year now because they cancelled most Americans in this country for a really crazy reason that we don't understand...that's another story!).

But I did it. I found the place, had no troubles figuring it all out, and had a nice chat with the technician. So I patted myself on the shoulder (once I was back in the car!) and told myself, "Good job! You handled that well."

Then it was on to buy new tires for my car.

This one really scares me because I'm so far out of my element language -wise here. But Dave assured me I'd be fine.

And I was. An hour and a half of sitting here, on a warm summer-like day, was actually pleasant!

So when I left, with four new tires successfully mounted on my car, I did the same thing and told myself, "Good job".

I had a couple of other hard things today as well, but made it through all of them. It felt good to reward myself with a "Good job" at the end of each one.

Sometimes you have to recognize that you've pushed hard things, were successful, and needed someone to tell you "Good Job", even if that someone is yourself!

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  1. I say, Good Job, too, Con. I understand the challenge in those "little" things and I'm proud of you :)