Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Gift of Life

Waking up to these photos today was THE BEST!!!!!

Taken just five minutes after Asher David's birth!

This little man made his entrance pretty fast last night; weighing in at 6 pounds, 13 ounces, Lara's literal labor of love brought him into the world with just five minutes of pushing. WOW. Amazing how God made women for such a task. SO proud of Lara for being such a champion mama!!

They say Asher is a cuddler and snuggler, and pretty peaceful so far, even letting them get a few hours of sleep last night. You take every bit of those blessed hours when you have a newborn!

This morning, Lara's mom and dad brought Judah, "No. 1 BIG BROTHER", to meet his little brother.

At almost exactly 19 months, Judah will never remember when Asher wasn't in his life. That's a sweet thought! I had a good time of prayer this morning, praying over those brothers, that God will establish a deep bond of love and friendship between them that will last all of their lives.

They definitely look like brothers don't they?

Asher on the left; Judah on the right!

The four of them had a little family time at the hospital this afternoon as Judah checked out this new person called "brother". He actually called him "baby" and noted that he was wearing a "hat"! Oh just think of all the new words Judah will learn having this little guy around!

What fun these two are going to have growing up together.

Tyler, Lara and Asher will be going home from the hospital tomorrow, to Lara's parents where they've been living during this season of support raising to serve with Josiah Venture in the Czech Republic. What a huge gift it's been to be there with her parents, especially now as they get to share this special event of Asher's birth!

We'll visit in two weeks, and get to meet Asher and see Tyler, Lara and Judah soon. But for now, I'm just so happy to see pictures and know that all is well.

"Thank you Lord for the gift of life!!"


  1. I LOVE seeing the pictures of Judah with his brother. And as I look at Judah's baby picture, I see his intent look, which truly is what he's still like. Isn't it amazing how we "pop out" the way God wires us? I wonder what little Asher will be like. But for starters, I'm guessing a gentle lion. Congrats to you all!

  2. Our sons were born 19 months apart 33 years ago. They had so much fun together but now live a couple thousand miles apart. But I know they're faithful to each other and God has been good all these years. I pray for the same blessing for your family. Congratulations!!!