Monday, June 19, 2017

Our Growing Family

Oh how purely delighted I am to share these photos that recently came my way ... of our growing family!

Haley just entered her third trimester with their precious baby, due at the end of August in Colorado where she and Caleb live.

All babies are miracles, there is no doubt about that. But this one especially falls into that category since a year and a half ago they miscarried their first baby. While I didn't write about it on my blog at the time, Caleb and Haley have not shied away from talking about how God met and cared for them during their time of grieving, a loss we all grieved.

In God's perfect timing and sovereignty, he blessed them with this child almost an exact year after they lost their first precious one. They've been filled with love and praise for the Lord with that news, just as they were in their loss despite how painful that was.

I admire them so much for how they walked through that time of loss, as well as how they're embracing this time of new life.

And here they are now, just a little less than ten weeks away from birthing this much beloved little one, their SON!

You can imagine how much we all are looking forward to meeting this little fellow!

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