Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day with our Girl

I am pretty sure the last time Claire spent Father's Day with her dad was four years ago, before she left home for college in the US. So today is special!

After being at Grace Church of DuPage this morning (with Dave preaching on "How to Pray for your missionary", which is already on line HERE!), we headed to Naperville for lunch to celebrate Father's Day.

Truth be told, if these two could have chosen something to do today it would've been a hike. But a walk along the river after lunch had to suffice!

In all the time we've been in and out of this area (even having lived here twenty five years ago), we've never been down to the river or to the park which has this well-known landmark.

The Millennium Carillon tower actually houses a very special set of bells (72 to be exact) that span a six octave range. This is the fourth largest carillon in North American, and one of only 600 in the whole world. A very cool feature to this amazing park!

Standing at the base of the tower!

We watched boats and canoes in the little lake and river nearby, filled with dads and their kids, all celebrating Father's Day, as we were!

How thankful I am for this wonderful man who loves his kids (and grandkids!) with a deep passion, and continually invests in them with all his heart, soul and mind. He's always got them in this thoughts and prayers, and they (and me!) are his greatest treasure!

So glad to celebrate him today in Naperville!

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