Friday, June 23, 2017

Those Who Care for Us

It's an ordinary beginning to what is actually a meaningful day in the life of our mission organization, Josiah Venture.

These are some of the JV board members, who fly or drive in from as far away as Czech, Poland, Texas, Michigan and Kentucky, to spend a day in board meetings three times a year, thinking strategically and prayerfully about our ministry to reach the next generation with the Gospel in Central and Eastern Europe.

Two times a year they gather at our home office in Wheaton, Illinois.

Sarah, one of our beloved JV members who serves in the Wheaton office, is there to greet everyone with her love, joy and hospitality!

Our other beloved Wheaton office and JV team member, Theresa, is also on hand to record the minutes and coordinate the workings of the day. She's invaluable!

This group of men come from their homes and workplaces for prayer, time in the Word, reports, strategic thinking, vision casting and offering their wisdom to the work of JV at these board meetings.

But this is not the only time of the year they think of us! Throughout the year they pray for us, come to visit us, and continue to think with us about the future of how to maximize resources in evangelizing and discipling the next generation. We are so grateful for them.

The board members take their roles very seriously, reading through pages of reports and updates from the field ahead of time in order to be on top of the latest details about the ministry.

Then under the guidance of board chairman, Philip (in white, seated at the far left, next to Dave) who chairs the meeting, they are wisely and strategically guided throughout the day to offer their insights and knowledge in helping us be most effective.

In what is affectionately known as "The Fishbowl" (that spot where they meet!) these men give of their time and talents to overseeing the ministry of JV.

We are so thankful for these men who care so deeply about each of our missionaries, their ministries, and the overall work to reach young people with the Gospel in our part of the world. It's a blessing to be regularly cared for and thought of by them!

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