Monday, June 5, 2017

On Assignment for Him

Today was my first day back with this sweet little girl in over a month!

While I was at JV spring conference in May . . . then in the States with Claire on a support raising trip and on to a wedding in Indiana . . . and finally in Slovakia for a marriage conference . . . she was here in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí being cared for by our faithful friend and dog sitter, El.

I'm amazed at what a flexible, adaptable and cheerful little dog Kaylee continues to be! She takes it all in stride, happy to see El when I take her there, and happy to come home when I pick her up.

It was ever so nice to walk out into the sunshine with her this afternoon, on our regular route, enjoying the beauty of spring in our little corner of the world.

With so much travel these days, people understandably ask how I handle being gone so often.

I usually tell them that I wish there were two of me! One would stay home and live the life here with people that I love so much. And the other one of me would travel with Dave and be available for all the assignments God has for us.

And honestly, that's our "secret", if you will: everywhere we are, whether that's home or out and about, we have the privilege and responsibility of being on assignment for the Lord. And that is a joy for me. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Years ago I pledged myself to Him and said "Yes" to being his ambassador. At that time I had no idea the people and places that would take me to.

But oh how I truly love being wherever He leads. And right now, it feels so nice to be here at home for a week!