Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Thankful for Partners

Something that I don't write about very often ... in fact, I'm not sure I ever have ... is that Dave and I do one particular thing almost every time we are in the States.

We visit foundations around the United States who give generously to Josiah Venture for big projects.

I don't write about them because we always want to honor and protect the anonymity of these donors. Yet I want to say a huge "God Bless You" to them for their willingness to significantly partner with us as an organization. Without them, it would be difficult to make significant strides forward in the ministry as a whole.

They don't support us personally, as that's not the calling of a foundation. For that, we rely on the gifts of our personal donors (who we are SO VERY THANKFUL FOR!). But they care about us and the ministry, and like to hear personally from us about what God is doing. So almost every time we're in the States, we visit at least one of them.

Today was no exception! This foundation gave us their entire lunch hour to share with their entire staff, updates, stories, praises, and prayer needs.

About thirty people gathered around this table, and throughout the room, and listened as Dave shared powerful testimonies about how their resources have helped us reach thousands of young people in Central and Eastern Europe with the Gospel.

When he finished, they asked so many good questions, truly caring about all aspects of the ministry - from people to programs.

We are so grateful for God's provision of people from all means and walks of life, who partner with us in reaching the next generation of this region with the Gospel, discipling them to maturity in their walks with God, and training them to be the next leaders.

It's a privilege to partner with all those who care about the ministry God's doing in our part of the world!

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