Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tyler and Lara: Five Years!

Tomorrow is Tyler and Lara's 5th anniversary!! How we love these two together!!!

Five years ago in Chattanooga, they said their vows on that beautiful, sunny June 8th day.

Now five years later, they're back in Chattanooga, with Judah, expecting their next little boy to make his appearance any time now!

What a beautiful marriage they've built these past five years, and what an absolutely wonderful family they are building now.

I can say with all my heart that I'm so proud of them for how they're living their lives; they are loving each other so well, being a great mom and dad to Judah, and trusting the Lord as they continue their support raising process in preparation for their move to Czech to join the ministry of Josiah Venture.

Want to know more about their upcoming ministry? Might God lead you to be part of their support team? You can read about their vision and passion for God's movement HERE.

Once they reach 100% of their support, they'll be on their way!

I can't wait until the days when I get to see these sweet faces in person on this side of the ocean!

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