Friday, October 11, 2019

Beautiful Wedding

Could there be a prettier setting for a wedding?!

Dave and I had the joy of being here in Sveta Nedjela, Croatia today for the wedding of our dear friends from Czech, Radim and Martina.

Dave performed the wedding, and I was both musician and photographer, thus most of these photos are not mine since I was taking photos on our camera. But I asked one of the people attending if I could "borrow" their photos to post about it!

It was absolutely precious listening to Radim and Martina make their vows to each other, having written them personally and speaking them from their hearts. We couldn't be more thrilled that today they have become husband and wife!

They brought a bottle of champagne to uncork over all of us in celebration afterward of their marriage!

Later in the day, at "golden hour" we went back down to the wedding location to take their photos. This is one from my phone, but you can see how beautiful of a location it was for their wedding day!

My groom and I were so delighted to share in this day with our friends, and wish them a lifetime of loving each other, loving God, and loving the people around them!

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