Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gluten Free Cooking

Three and a half years ago, life in our kitchen changed dramatically.

I had to learn to cook all over again when we found out that Caleb was gluten intolerant.

Shortly after finding out about it, I bought a notebook and started collecting recipes from the internet to help me learn a whole new way of cooking and eating. Some recipes were great, others not so much. But I kept at, and am still adding recipes to that same notebook like the one below: Chili with chicken and beans, one of our new favorites with a few of my own adaptations (like adding in some corn and lime juice!).

Preparing tasty, interesting gluten free food is, I guess you'd say, one of my hobbies now. I still get on the internet a couple times a week to look up new things just to keep us all well-fed and happy.

I was looking through one of my old "pre-gluten-free" cookbooks that used to pretty much feed us every night, and realized something. In the process of transforming our lives to gluten free, we've tried many different kinds of food, developed a lot of new favorites, and I've learned so much more about healthier cooking in the process.

It's actually been a gift, in many ways, to make this shift, and I can honestly tell you...I wouldn't go back to the old way, even if I could! I like cooking gluten free.

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  1. My, I'm chatty on your blog. I totally understand. Once I figured out the bread thing the rest was pretty easy. And now using the Ahern's flour mix by weight I can use all my recipes. I've never been a bread baker but want to try that. So glad you are enjoying it now. And glad you figured out what was wrong with Caleb.