Saturday, January 21, 2012

Greg's Epic 50th Birthday Party

Our good friend, and long time JV teammate, Greg Carlson celebrated his 50th birthday this evening over in Poland.

Lots of fun guests at the party like the Shepperson family who just arrived back in Slovakia after six months in the States. So fun to see these two good friends, Emili S and Kelsey, Greg's daughter, back together again!

As well as Gwyneth S. and Jillian, Greg's other daughter!

Greg and I go all the way back to high school - I've known him since he was 15 and I was 16! What an amazing privilege to have served in ministry together for over 25 years (we served in Germany together as well, and Greg was one of Dave's groomsmen in our wedding!).

We all had dinner together at his family's favorite restaurant in Ustron, Poland, then gave gifts to celebrate this epic event. Dave and I found a remote control sailboat for him - because every 50 year old man needs a big boat of his own! :)

Wherever Greg is, there is always lots of laughter...if you've ever been around him, you know what I mean. He just brings out the best in people and puts a smile on your face!

After dinner we headed to an ice skating rink that they'd rented out for the party and skated to music of the 70's...truly epic! :)

As a special gift, one of Greg's Polish friends had a man come and play his clarinet along to the music of "My Way", the great old Frank Sinatra classic. It was one of those awesome "goosebump" moments - so beautiful!

He got a big round of applause afterwards!

Such a fun way to spend a Saturday night, celebrating our good friend!


  1. Oh, I so wished I would have been there!!!!!

  2. Make sure and tell "Herr Carlson" happy birthday from me!

  3. We missed a SKATING Party?? Such a bummer!! Looks like you all had a blast!