Monday, January 16, 2012

Back From Serbia

After a 14 hour train ride yesterday, Dave safely arrived home from Serbia at 4 AM. Was so glad to hear him trying to come in quietly so he didn't wake me! :)

From the sound of it, they had a powerful time together with 70 youth leaders from around the country.

Bill and Bobbie Trenkmann, JV staff in Romania, were there to teach as well, and Dave said he was so inspired by them!

They recently joined JV, but are certainly not new to youth ministry! They were MY college leaders during the early 80's, and Dave, Dan Hash and Greg Carlson (long time JV staff) interned under them at Laurelwood Baptist back in their Multnomah college days together.

Dave said teaching with them this weekend was so inspiring because they continue to love young people and God's Word - a powerful combination that has been true of them for many years!

While at the conference Bojan, the new JV country leader, was commissioned. We are thankful for this young Serbian man who is courageously stepping up to the plate to lead the team there. He is trusting God to provide for him financially, something very difficult in a country with such a small population of believers.

If God, at the beginning of this new year, is laying on your heart to give to to something new, I would love to recommend this young man. You can go to our JV website for information on how to support him.

Snow is falling heavily outside, our internet is working again, the conference in Serbia went well and Dave is home. All is well!

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  1. It was so fun to open the Trenckmann's prayer letter when they started with JV and see the picture of the old Laurelwood gang back together. What an amazing thing to have everyone ministering together after all these years.