Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Letters for the Box

It's a snowy evening here at our house...like, REALLY snowy! It's been snowing all day, our first big snow of the year. Other than being a little shaky out driving in it today (out of practice!), I'm loving it.

It was also "take down the decorations and put the house back in order" at our house today. I always think I'm doing it later than I've ever done it before, but then I look at something that reminds me that no, this isn't the latest I've ever done it.

That would be January 23, 2000 - the year I left the decorations up because Caleb wanted them on his birthday (he turned seven that year...he's turning nineteen this Friday, the 20th!). And how do I know?

Every year since 1997, I've written a brief letter to put into one of the Christmas decoration boxes, telling about how Christmas was and what's ahead for the year. So far I've got sixteen years worth of letters.

It's always a sweet trip down memory lane to read through the letters each year, especially the early ones when the kids were little.

It's also a fun way for me to capture the highlights and remember God's goodness in our lives.

And I love wondering about the coming year and what all it will hold. I know for sure this one's holding a special anniversary, a graduation, and a WEDDING!

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