Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve Wrap Up

New Year's Eve was extra special this year, having Tyler and Lara, as well as Dave's mom and dad, here to celebrate...and of course our dear Ellenwood friends as well!

Thankful to have internet back on at our house today so I can post a few (ha ha...okay...a lot!) of photos to capture our extra special New Year's Eve!

Loved seeing these kids/adults having time together. Funny thing about the above photo...look at how similar Tyler and Caleb look!

Doesn't matter how much time they get together...Dave and Mel can always find something else to talk about!

One of my favorite photos of Tyler and Lara! And just for the's "Hello Kitty" bubbly to ring in the New Year for the Moody students! :)

What a privilege to have mom and dad Patty with us too!

Always sweet to be with my dear friend, Amy!

Tyler's quote after these photos...

"Oh how I miss hanging out with these guys!" (They were trying to make him crack a smile while being their crazy selves!)

It worked! 

Then there are the four lovelies of the evening.

It looks like two sets of sisters! :)

Caleb...oh Caleb...just couldn't resist! :)

The view for fireworks at midnight (the New Year's Eve tradition here) was spectacular! You can even see Lysa Hora (what my blog is named after) in the distance, lit up by fireworks on top!

Photographing and videoing fireworks they set off!

Then came inside to take a nice group photo...

...which began to deteriorate...

...into this! Oh doubt about it...we do have fun when we're together!

A few last ones of the kids...should be something better to call them since they're almost all adults now...but you know what I mean!

And yes...these photos are fun too!

Love you all!


  1. Wow, wish I knew where to buy Hello Kitty Party Fizz here in Oregon.

    Happy New Years to the Patty Family!

  2. Loved the walk through your New Years party. Looks like lots of fun. We loved the fireworks when we lived there also, but ya'll had a wonderful view