Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Future Me

Maybe you already know about this...but in case you don't, it's something that I've enjoyed and want to pass on.

A number of years ago I stumbled onto a website called Future Me.

It's been written about on CNN, BBC, NPR, The Today Show, etc. Started a few years ago (some say 2002, some say 2007...don't know which it is!) by two guys, one a web designer and the other a programmer, they do it on the side - to this day it's not their full time job. But the concept is basically to send yourself a message by email that will be delivered in the future, at a date of your choosing.

I wrote my first letter in 2007...and promptly forgot that I'd done it. It completely surprised me a year later when it was delivered to my inbox. 

Even just one year later, it was such a good "perspective" moment to read what I'd written - things that I was worried concerned about were no longer issues, things that I'd hoped for had either happened or weren't important anymore, prayers I'd prayed had been answered - some with a "yes", some with a "no". But, most all of the answers made sense a year later. If they didn't...it was a reminder to continue to pray, or to think about changing the prayer request.

Since then, I've written over a dozen letters to have sent to me at a later date - some have already arrived, some will arrive in just a year, and some won't come until 2015!

One of the main reasons I like it is for perspective. But there are a lot of other reasons you might come up with to send yourself a message into the future. If you want to do it, click HERE. And have fun hearing from yourself in the future!


  1. How fun! This is the first I've heard of this. Thanks for sharing. Just thinking about how things will be different a year from now makes me feel better.

  2. Oh HERE you are Connie. Some of us were wondering why you werent messaging on Facebook anymore. Glad everythings ok.

  3. This last message was from me Connie. Dont know why it came through as unknown. I AM kinda still new at this new fangled tecnology !....Terry Cox