Monday, January 30, 2012

When Dave is Gone

This is not how we usually park our cars when we're at home.

Unfortunately, it's how they're parked today because Dave is gone. You know how that works right? Husband/dad leaves and things go wrong. It's a law...written in some thick rule book somewhere. I am convinced of that.

He left for the States this morning, and of course, when I went out to start my car later, the battery was dead.  

It is super cold outside today. That's a piece of ice that froze standing straight up on my windshield wiper!

In times like this, a cute little doggie can only bring you a smile...not fix the problem! Nice try though Kaylee!

Thankfully Caleb is home and gave it a valiant effort. Following dad's instructions (who we were able to reach before he got on his plane), he did all the right steps for trying to get it started. Jumper cables? Check. Battery charger? Check. Heater on the engine? Check.

He even wrapped up the hood in blankets...with the heater going on underneath for several hours.

Kaylee: "Does that work???"

Well, it was worth a try for a few hours. But when all was said and done, we are now waiting for a friend to come and try something else as it's not going anywhere right now.

Oh...I forgot to mention that the van is parked funny too because while trying to sit on an icy slope and jump my car, the emergency brake froze in place so it too is not driveable.

This is what happens when Dave is gone!

To Be Continued...


  1. This scares me since Ken is leaving for Russia & Czech on Friday...I have a huge week of work & teaching and need things to run smoothly here while he's traveling. But I'm all too familiar with your situation. It always happens when Ken is gone!

  2. This would happen when Dave's Dad Dick went to Europe back in the day. The neighbors would hear on their police scanner about the pigs running free on Tufts being chased by a man in a gray Saab (my Dad). That was the most exciting thing that happened. The others were the van, pipes, etc. Thankfully you have friends to help just like Margaret did. Hope you are back on the road quickly.

  3. oh yes, these things do often seem to happen. I wonder which law book that rule is written in! Whatever it still seems to catch me off guard every time Dad's gone. What would we do without Caleb (or guys in general!)?

  4. I realy like this blog..Very good job :) And Kaylee is such a cute dog :)

  5. it does seam to happen when dads are gone our heat used to go out in a blizard when my dad was gone hope it doesent happen this time
    Grace Pitcher