Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blame it on the Weather

No Internet at our house again today. This is getting to be an unfortunate regular occurrence

My phone has Internet but even it is slow today. At least it's enough to post something.

In past times when the internet would go out, or be slow, we would blame it on the weather. But in these past weeks when the weather has been fine, I have been more likely to make a grimacing face and not speak too kindly about our provider, who has had non-existent customer service.

Service problems I can forgive. Broken promises to do something about it...hmmm, harder.

However...given the blizzard outside, I guess I will assume the best of our Internet provider and say it's the weather today.

Caleb took this photo while out at the tutor's house studying for exams this afternoon. There is even more snow now.

Does make for a cozy evening at home while Dave is gone and the kids go to a ball for their school tonight!

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