Monday, January 23, 2012

Giggle for the Day

Couldn't resist posting something that not only made me smile, but actually gave me the giggles, which then turned to flat out laughter the more I read!

I was going over a menu to choose food for an event here and came across these little "funnies". The menu was in three languages, one of which was English. Funny how a few misplaced letters can change the meaning!

Spaghetti with oil, garlic and chilly - does this mean it's a cold spaghetti dish?!

Spaghetti, fresh tomatoes, garlic, fred Tiger, rucola, Parmesan - a Tiger named Fred will be appearing in this spaghetti dish? Sounds a little iffy, doesn't it?!

Pork stek with friend Italian Copernicus - this is where I really got to laughing! I wonder how the Italian friend, Copernicus, feels about being on the menu with the pork stek?!

Lettuce with tomatoes, onion, Tune fish and corn - a tuned fish in this salad? Will he play a melody while I eat?!

Mixed salad chef - this sounds like it's the chef who is on the menu! Wonder how HE feels about that?!

Mineral water with gas - if you've lived in, or visited, Europe this isn't so funny, but I got to thinking about someone visiting this restaurant who had never been to Europe and wondered how they'd feel about mineral water mixed with a little gasoline?!

Trout on butter with salvia - although this is actually spelled right, doesn't it look like you're having trout on butter with saliva?!! Oh my - not sure who would choose that item!

Roasted beef sirloin with rocket and balsamic honey sauce - a rocket with my beef sirloin? I'd like to see that!

Spinach on butter and cheese - and this one just made me giggle! Sounds like the main dish is butter and cheese, with a little spinach on top. Cholesterol heaven!

Bon Apetit!


  1. Ooh yes, I'd like a dinner of spinach on butter and cheese for sure. Finally, someone got the proper proportions of food groups right!

  2. Ahh...the joys of living in another country. :D

  3. The rocket one may be correct - rocket is British/Australian/Canadian/New Zealand English for the American arugula (a salad leaf).

  4. this was great. I'm laughing out loud still. How hilarious! I have a hard time choosing between the friend, the gas or the butter with spinach.
    So worth a good laugh.