Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still Inside Me

Nearly thirty years ago (gasp!) I was a teacher.'s what I got my college degree in.

After graduating, I did a long term sub for one semester in the Washington state public school system, and then spent a year in Spain teaching missionary kids.

God directed my path differently from there on, and other than teaching my own kids how to read and write, I haven't been an official teacher since then.

But somewhere deep down inside me, that teacher part of me lives on. After teaching for that year and half period, I found out that the part I like best is time with the on one, if at all possible.

A dear Czech friend of mine has a son who has started attending the International School in Ostrava, which is completely in English, and needs someone to listen to him read in English once a week. That's where I come in! I get the joy of sitting with G. for an hour on Thursdays, listening and interacting with him as he reads. It's perfect for both of us!

Kaylee thinks she's part of the program too - usually spends at least half the time on one of our laps! But that just makes it all the more fun.

So that little teacher part of me - the readin' and writin' kind of teacher - is alive and well inside me, and getting a little fix once a week these days!


  1. I sure enjoyed reading those little beginner books! I have a vivid memory of them!