Friday, January 6, 2012

Look What's in the Neighborhood

After days of completely dead internet, suddenly today there is a signal. How did that happen?! No repairman in sight...but it's working for now so am taking advantage of it! I'm guessing this means that it's not our problem like they said it was...maybe it's theirs and they just figured it out!

Although yesterday was a sad day, the Lord gave a bright spot in the midst of it.

Yes, there is a good reason for that grin! It dates back to 1977 when I got my first job at the ripe old age of 16. Where??

See those familiar golden arches?! Yesterday was opening day of a McDonalds just 12 minutes away from us! I've been waiting years for this!

Claire and I went after school to check it out and see if anyone else was excited along with us.

You can't IMAGINE the was a crazy place there! Not only that but we got to see (and talk to, nonetheless!) Ronald himself! :)

I actually have really fond memories of McDonalds...from my childhood going for Cokes and cheeseburgers with my dad, mom and brother, to working there throughout high school, and to finding a McDonalds here in Czech when we first moved here 18 years ago...albeit, 40 minutes away! But it was a comfort in those early days, and has been all these years.

And for you's not just me who says that McDonalds tastes better here than in the States! It's still a treat to go there...and now with one just minutes away, we may treat ourselves a little more often!

Okay...posting this...and hoping that there will be internet tomorrow too!


  1. Coffee in real coffee cups! That certainly is a grade above a U.S. McDonalds.

  2. I worked at McDonald's in high school too and it was so much fun! Most of my co-workers went to a different school than me, so it was fun to make new friends. Oh, and I love the food! Just ate their yesterday in fact!

  3. Let's all sing it together..."Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun"...sounds good! What do they call the Big Mac in Czech?

  4. Connie...where is it? I'm so happy for you! Seriously!! We'll have to go there next time I come....and I'm so happy you're back in sync with the world!!!!!!

  5. I wish there was 1 there wen we were i bet the lines were Huge