Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My New Year's Resolution

After Christmas I was at Marks and Spencer, a British department store at our mall in Ostrava, and saw this little gem on the sale shelf - which is where I'd imagine it would be since it's hard to think of who (besides my American friends in the area!) might want such an item in English.

But it was exactly the type of book I've been wanting for a while...I just didn't know such a thing actually existed! And then...there it was, at our mall in Ostrava of all places.

I don't know what the original intent of this book was...perhaps to plan out your meals in advance. But, since I'm a daily shopper and meal planner (I've tried planning ahead and ALWAYS end up changing my plan - besides, I like to grocery shop every day...just one of those quirky things about me) what I wanted the book for was to record what I cook, or where we eat, each day this year.

So the book is on our counter and either Claire or I have written in it every day since December 28 (the book actually started the last week of December, just the time when I bought the book!).

I love the entry above...Claire had Grandpa Patty write in it when he made eggs for he and mom one morning while they were here.

If you're here at my house, and make something, you can write in it too! :)

Here's to a year of keeping track of everything that comes out of our kitchen.

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