Saturday, January 28, 2012

What's New at Albert

I remember when I moved to Spain in 1984 and had to adjust to new grocery stores, packages I couldn't read, and food that was different than what I was used to.

But there were a couple of items that I recognized and appreciated many a time that year. Any guesses??

What country in the world DOESN'T sell Coke? I was sure glad it wasn't Spain that year! If you know me, you know I grew up loving a Coke at McDonald's with my mom, though she probably shudders now to think she introduced me to it all those years ago, and that I still love it despite the sugar content! Sorry mom!

Ah's not that I grew up loving them or anything...but there they were in Spain that year (I've never seen them any other place in all these years I've lived in Europe)...something that I knew and could rely on! Besides, I prefer salt over sweet so it was a perfect compliment to my beloved Coke that year.

Of course I discovered many foods while I lived in Spain that were local, and not imported, and learned to love them. But there was still just something about making a trek to "supermercado" (had to drive 45minutes to get to the one that had the Fritos!) and getting a taste of home back then.

Fast forward to today. It's a different world here in Europe than it was 27 years ago. There are so many items here that you'd find in the States.

However, there was one item that was never here, but is here now in a BIG way! All the grocery stores are promoting it, and even giving it "end of the aisle" status to promote it.

Have you ever seen so many Oreos?!

Of course it doesn't do us any good now, being gluten intolerant. And frankly, I never really liked them much anyway.

But it does make me smile when I go into my little local "Albert" and there they are taking up a whole shelf!

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  1. That is so cool to see i wish those were there when we were there Grace Pitcher