Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why We Build

Last year at this time a construction firm was working on finishing up two of the Malenovice cabins, and I was in the States on the biggest shopping trip of my life, working on furnishing those cabins!

Those two cabins are in use now, full nearly every week-end. Now a third cabin is being built next to the other two. God provided all the funds to complete this one, which should be done by spring.

The lodge is also in progress right now, and due to be finished in just under two weeks! While it doesn't look like it, there will be space for 30 to sleep here.

Petr, our JV construction project manager, has been spending hours working to oversee its completion. He is amazing at what he does! Wish you could see all of these buildings that he's put his heart and soul into bringing to completion.

Next week-end in this room there will be 50 young people for a Fusion week-end. Yeah I are wondering how it could possibly be done in time aren't you?! Me too! But Petr promises it will be!

Color is going on the walls each day and all the small details are being finished...

...making it an even more beautiful place to be!

A building is just a building unless the Lord inhabits it. Our prayer and dream is that everyone who spends time here will sense God's presence, and come to know Him in a personal way.

That's why we build!

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  1. Love it, Connie!! I'm humbled to have a small part in these projects! ... and I'm looking forward to coming over with a small team of guys the last week in March to help on the third cabin!

    Blessings to you and your family!

    Dave Johnson